I’m Marjolaine.

Business coach for creatives,
yoga teacher & artist.

I’m obsessed with oat milk lattes & helping you show-up to your full potential, go after your dreams unapologetically and create a life and brand you are madly in love with.

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1:1 coaching

Take your business to the next level with my 1:1 coaching for creative women entrepreneurs.

Online courses

Turn your dreams into reality, become more confident and show up online
unapologetically with my powerful courses.

Yoga Retreat

Join my next transformative International Yoga Retreat with a group of likeminded women.

I’m Marjolaine, business coach for creatives, yoga teacher & artist, here to tell you that you can do it all, as long as you have clarity, a strategy in place and the confidence to go for it.

In 2015, I sold everything I had in Canada, moved to Germany and took a chance on both love & my dreams! Since then, I’ve managed to build a brand I LOVE using all of my creative outlets, leveraging the power of social media and stepping into my power.

Now It’s your turn to stop playing small, take the leap, let go of fears, go after your dreams unapologetically and build a life and brand you are madly in love with! I can’t wait to help you make magic happen!


Trust me, the version of you that is thriving, abundant and aligned is just one morning away…

Meet some of my clients

Alex Prestel

Alex Prestel       Creative Director & Graphic Designer


What is it like working with Marjolaine?

She’s got your back! She’ll help you realize your dreams CAN be reality and inspire you to put your best foot forward each day. If you are stuck on your journey, confused about your career path or just want some awesome creative support, Marjolaine is a wonderful partner to help guide you through and bring clarity to your next (and probably best) adventure. Plus, she’s a joy to talk to each week!

Lucie Fink

Lucie Fink        Video producer & lifestyle host


What was your experience on the yoga retreat?

I am blown away by every aspect of this retreat in Nicaragua. Marjolaine and George planned everything so well. Everything about this place screams magic and connection and connecting to the earth elements. This is exactly what I needed coming from New-York City. I needed a place to get away, to connect with other women and to show that the power is inside of me. So thank you Marjolaine and George for the experience of a lifetime.

Emily Kersey

Emily Kersey        Broadway Dancer & Mentor


What is it like working with Marjolaine?

I love working with Marjolaine. She is a great listener and
really wants you to develop the dream vision for your life. And then you go to work on achieving that dream vision. So setting goals, and she holds you accountable to those goals and she’s got some great tips and tools and tricks to staying on track and staying inspired. I can’t say enough great things about Marjolaine. You should go work with her right now!

Allie McKenna

Allie McKenna        NYC Stylist


What was your experience on the yoga retreat?

The whole retreat exceeded my expectations. I really felt so fulfilled by, not only the delicious food, but also all of the workshops and all of the different ways that Marjolaine was able to really have us dig deep within and figure out why we weren’t putting ourselves first. There were tears, there was laughter there was just unbelievable amount of love between all of the girls and I am forever grateful for everyone I met on this retreat and can’t wait to do it again.


Francesca Minotti       Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


What is it like working with Marjolaine?

Marjolaine really helped me gain clarity and find my path and what was my vision for my business. She’s not only an incredible human being, she is funny, she is sweet and she is supportive. Everytime that you have a session with her you feel like you’re chatting with one of your best friends, but she is also an incredible business coach. She knows what she is doing, she is going to push you and she has this amazing ability to find out what is blocking you from achieving your goals and realizing your vision.


“I am so grateful to work with such extraordinary women! Seeing them transform, make their dreams happen and tap into alignment and abundance is what lights me up every single day!”

Freebies to start you morning


Morning journaling prompts

Start each morning with a powerful journaling session that will unleash your inner goddess.


Fearless Morning Training

This bundle includes two confidence training videos and a powerful goddess meditation to help you drop the fears, feel clear about your next step and stay inspired. 


Creative Instagram captions

Tell your unique story through Instagram captions with this powerful worksheet created with Lucie Fink.

Start your morning with Marjolaine, listening to powerful meditations, all things creative business and casual coffee talks to help you awaken your inner goddess and manifest the success, impact and freedom you truly desire.

Life is a beautiful journey and with over 11.000 + downloads, this podcast has helped a community of creative women entrepreneurs just like you to go after their dreams with confidence, purpose and ease.


“I can’t even put into words how much Marjolaine changed my outlook on how I view myself as a business woman.

In just our first hour together she gave me real, tangible advice on how I can improve my pitch to clients, hone my offerings as an entrepreneur, and even build more confidence. I’m excited to put her advice into action and I know that with the tools she’s given me I can grow my business in a way that fulfills me.”


– Jordan Davida Drankoski

Healthy Living Blogger & Founder of Dancing for Donuts