Get ready to find your

More than just a yoga retreat, join us for the most magical Women Entrepreneur’s Getaway

Montenegro Retreat
May 2021

An intimate yoga and coaching immersion for women craving a week of personal growth, alignment & abundance, away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

Get ready to feel light-up, get ready to feel inspired, get ready to make new friends, get ready to step into your power, get ready to slow down, get ready for high-level mentoring, get ready to cry, get ready to laugh, get ready for the best week of your life…


Get ready to find YOUR happy

I am blown away by every aspect of this retreat. This is exactly what I needed coming from New-York City: A place to get away, to connect with other women and to show that the power is inside of me.

– Lucie Fink, Video Producer & Lifestyle Host

H E L L O      

Imagine waking up to the sound of nature, before heading to your yoga class overlooking the sea and mountain valleys. Imagine tapping into your power and aligning your habits, mindset and actions for success, knowing that you are supported at every step of the way. Breathe, whilst a newfound lust is emerging from within – you are about to find YOUR happy.

Watch the EPIC aftermovies of previous retreats!

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Have you been craving a much-needed reset?

We know you have, and that is why we want to bring you with us to the magical mountains & seasides of Montenegro!

Join us for an intimate 7-day experience full of powerful breakthroughs, spiritual growth, female empowerment and total awakening. Our goal is that you learn that you can grow and build an empire, without compromising your wellbeing.

You will leave the retreat with an action plan on how you can step into alignment and live as your most abundant higher self NOW. You will learn tools from yoga, manifestation and mindfulness that you will be able to bring back home and implement for sustained growth.



Delicious vegan meals


Daily yoga classes


Powerful conversations


Nature hikes and boat adventures


Newfound clarity, confidence and ease, that will elevate how you view and treat yourself as a women entrepreneur

You’ve come to the right place!

Rooftop yoga overlooking the sea?


Does this sound familiar?


You crave more freedom, authentic connections & a spiritual getaway.


You want to deepen your yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice.


You are tired of hustling and getting caught-up in your own head, suffering imposter syndrome and feeling like you are “behind in life”.


You are ready to move away from the constant mind chattering, hustle-overwhelm and external pressure that push you to do more, be more, create more & hustle more.


You want to redefine what success means for you so that you can say YES to embodying your high-level badass goddess self NOW. And choose to act from a place of joy, abundance & simplicity each and every morning.

There were tears, there was laughter there was just unbelievable amount of love between all of the girls and I am forever grateful for everyone I met on this retreat and can’t wait to do it again.

– Allie McKenna, NYC Stylist

The highlights you can expect from the retreat

A dream location immersed in nature.


Our private villa overlooking crystal-clear water is the dream-setting for a memorable week. Filled with feng-shui vibes, rooftop yoga sessions, wellness moments on the rooftop jacuzzi surrounded by mountains, intensive coaching session and private vegan chef catering, you will have the perfect rejuvenating experience.

An intimate gathering for creative women.


Imagine tapping into your full potential alongside a group of creative women just like you that have a desire to grow, transform and bring wellbeing back home in their carry-on?

With our application-only process, we make sure the group is magical and aligned!

Morning yoga flow and a blissfull evening practice.


The morning sessions will be led by Marjolaine offering playful, creative and challenging vinyasa power flow classes that will help you feel empowered. The evening yoga sessions with George will be grounding and spiritual to help nurture and calm your soul.

An invitation into yoga as a way of life.


Our 7-day retreats are a life changing experience offering well-rounded workshops, ceremonies and exhilarating activities that will help you realize that yoga goes beyond the physical practice and can become your ally towards living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


Typical day at the retreat


Start the day with a smoothie or tea before our sunrise meditation and breathing session, followed by a sweaty vinyasa yoga flow. Then it’s off to a yummy vegan breakfast.


After brunch, we have time for ourselves to relax, journal or do something fun. The rest of the day will be filled with powerful coaching sessions, workshops or outdoor adventures. And of course the experience day on a boat will be memorable!


Every evening we have an amazing vegan buffet for dinner. For sunset we have a slow yoga session. Afterwards there is free time, bonfire or a ceremonie.

Redefining success in a magical location

Located in a small seaside tranquil village in Eastern Europe, our villa will give you breahtaking view each morning! Surrounded by luxuriant nature, you will have access to the mountain just 5 minutes walk from the villa and a steap 10-15 minutes walk downhill will allow you to swim in the crystal clear water of the adriatic sea and enjoy the sun on the local pebble beach.

Get ready for some high vibe & magical sunsets!


Shared dorms

Share a room with three other like-minded women. Each of you will have a single bed and a share a private bathroom, as well as a balcony with a view of the sea and surrounding mountain.

Twin bedroom

Share a room with a like-minded woman. Each room offers a gorgeous view of the sea or the surrounding mountains. Each of you will have a single bed and share a balcony & private bathroom.

Private apartment

Our option for friends! Share a room with a double bed and enjoy a gorgeous view of the sea, surrounding mountains and yoga rooftop! The apartment is fully equipped with a gorgeous bathroom and living area.

The retreat was one of the most transformative and eye-opening experiences of my entire life.

– Perri Tobin, interior design student

Who we are

I’m Marjolaine, business coach for creatives, yoga teacher and artist living a yoga lifestyle since 2012 and teaching dynamic vinyasa flow for almost 5 years to students from California to Australia to London! And my partner is George, a self-taught yogi & meditation teacher exploring ancient yogic tools as a means to enhance human experience & wellbeing.

We are a plant-based yoga and travel couple based in Germany and our mission is to create tools to encourage people to explore their full potential, go after their dreams and live with freedom, joy and simplicity. Our past retreats in Greece & Nicaragua allowed women from all over the world to experience a full transformation, feel more confident and gain perspective on their purpose. Get ready for a lot of fun, breakthroughs and guidance from us, as we are committed to your growth.

Follow us on Instagram @suityogi & @morningmarjolaine.

What others say about our retreats

Lucie Fink

Lucie Fink        Video producer & lifestyle host


What was your experience on the yoga retreat?

I am blown away by every aspect of this retreat in Nicaragua. Marjolaine and George planned everything so well. Everything about this place screams magic and connection and connecting to the earth elements. This is exactly what I needed coming from New-York City. I needed a place to get away, to connect with other women and to show that the power is inside of me. So thank you Marjolaine and George for the experience of a lifetime.


Daisy Shu        Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard


What was your experience on the yoga retreat?

The retreat for me as been so amazing. It’s beyond anything I could have imagined. I’ve made so many new friends as well which as been so great. The location, when I stepped off the bus on the way here, it was truly unbelievably beautiful. Like it is seriously paradise here. And I’ve engaged in so many fun activities that I’ve never done before like surfing and it’s been really exhilarating and really fun and I’ve learned so much about myself as well.

Allie McKenna

Allie McKenna        NYC Stylist


What was your experience on the yoga retreat?

The whole retreat exceeded my expectations. I really felt so fulfilled by, not only the delicious food, but also all of the workshops and all of the different ways that Marjolaine was able to really have us dig deep within and figure out why we weren’t putting ourselves first. There were tears, there was laughter there was just unbelievable amount of love between all of the girls and I am forever grateful for everyone I met on this retreat and can’t wait to do it again.

Schwinn Feng

Schwinn Feng        Marketing Executive


What was your experience with the retreat?

I wanted a retreat where I could nourish my mind, my body and soul… It has been an incredible experience! I have been learning a lot about my spirituality, I’ve been learning about different mudras, different yoga poses and a lot about the island itself. One of the greatest things in my mind was that we not only got to nourish ourselves, with the amazing food, the amazing meditation sessions, the amazing yoga sessions that we
did on a daily basis, but we were also able to do things outside of ourselves. A lot of the times when we go on vacation, we do things just for ourselves to soothe ourselves, but it was nice to come to a place where you can meet a bunch of great women, learn more about yourself internally and than get to appreciate the scenery around you.

Emily Harris

Emily Harris        Food blogger


What is it like working with Marjolaine?

This retreat has been the best trip EVER. But not even just a
vacation, It was hard work, self-reflection and yoga. So there was a physical fitness component, but it was probably the best way to improve myself. I can’t recommend something like this enough from the location to the activities. And if you are looking for something that is not just a vacation, because anyone can take a vacation, and you know, book a flight to a pretty island, but that’s not what this was. This was so much more, so much better and so much more fulfilling.


I’ve attended the RESET yoga & mindfulness retreat in Greece where Marjolaine created a warm and absolutely supportive environment for all of us.

This experience was transformative not only for my mind but also for my body. With delicious healthy food, two yoga sessions a day and some additional swimming and dancing, I’m much stronger than I was when I left home.

Réka Gyöngyhalmi

Virtual Assistant & illustrator for Hills of Pearls

AMAZING!! I attended a yoga retreat in Greece with Yoga with Bow and the experience was incredible. I was exhausted, stressed and scatter-minded before attending and I feel like the experience allowed me to release a lot of mental blockages and get back on track.

Dayhanna Acosta

Award winning marketing strategist

I was luckily enough to attend Marjolaine’s first ever yoga retreat in Greece and it was everything I never knew I needed. We started the week as a group of 12 complete strangers and ended the week as a family. Marjolaine definitely has a unique ability to both challenge and inspire while offering tangible ways to improve as a person and as an entrepreneur. She is warm and welcoming but she is also goal-oriented and genuinely wants to motivate you to maximize your absolute fullest potential. We all could walk away with a
newfound lust for life.

Tess Florio

Influencer and video creator

Wanna be part of this magical getaway?


What's included in the retreat?

We make sure that everything is taken care of from your arrival at the airport to your departure. You will have shared accomodation, meals, yoga equipment and props for the included activities. And of course, our continuous coaching & support during the week. The only things that are not included are your airfare, your visa (if needed), your travel insurance, and the airport pick-up & drop-off if you arrive ourside of our scheduled shuttle time. 

What kind of group can I expect?

What makes this experience truly magical is the care we put into making sure that each participant is unique and will blend perfectly in our intimate group setting that we cap at 10 or 14 (minimum of 7 participants for the retreat to take place). From strangers to family is truly our approach. We make sure everyone will have the best

What level of yoga can I expect?

The morning sessions will be a mix of intense power flow, creative vinyasa & hatha yoga. Expect long holds and playful transitions. One should have practiced yoga for a few months or be in a good physical shape and comfortable to flow! However, there will always be suggested variations so that everyone have a great time and adapt to their energy level of the day. Evenings will be soothing, calming and grounding with a mix between meditation and yin yoga practice.

How much does it cost?

The retreat price varies between 1600€ and 2500€ depending on the type of accommodation you choose (VAT exclusive). Remember that this is not just a yoga retreat: It is an intensive and in depth personal growth journey with mentoring & coaching at every step. We make sure you go home with a newfound lust for life and sustained changes that you can implement after the retreat. You can choose the option of a payment plan at checkout.

There is a non-refundable 30% deposit to reserve your spot in the sun!