Ready to be all that you are?

I’m Marjolaine,

plant-mama, digital nomad, singer, educator, content creator, podcaster, oat milk-latte lover, marketing savvy boss, slow morning indulger, professional manifester, confidence mentor, success strategist and all around creative woman that took the leap…

Because if I can be all of me… so can you!

Morning love!

I’m Marjolaine – business coach for creatives, yoga teacher & artist living mindfully near Berlin with the love of my life!

French-Canadian obsessed with vegan food, the moon and long baths with candles, you will find me singing & working on my next magical ideas every morning with an oat café au lait. I’ve spent the past three years teaching mindfulness, confidence, personal branding, vision-setting and Instagram marketing to creative entrepreneurs all over the world from London to California to Prague.
Through my private coaching sessions, international yoga retreats, online courses and The Live Mindfully Podcast, I create powerful tools for creative women entrepreneurs to take the leap, go after their dreams unapologetically & build a brand and life they are madly in love with.

“Seeing other creatives type into their zone of genius and do what they love lights me up.”

But It wasn’t always like this…

You see, I’m from a small french-canadian town and my whole life, I wanted to be a singer, an actress, a model, a writer or do ANYTHING creative. I was so passionate about so many things that it felt impossible to choose and the lack of clarity was daunting. And on top of it all, hearing everyone telling me why all of it was unrealistic, especially the part about being paid for it, wasn’t making it any easier to take a leap. So I left my dreams in the drawer and settled on a safe university path.


I was afraid to show up to my fullest potential… but it didn’t last long

I will always remember August 2014, when the wanderlust festival changed my life. I met extraordinary women that lit fire in me. From that day forward, I refused to believe that my life was going to be anything less than an EPIC story. I felt a deep urge to become a yoga teacher, pack my bags and travel. So I took action, completed a yoga teacher training and landed in Germany for a year of studies abroad and to finish my bachelor in psychology. During that year, I wrote 14 songs, performed concerts, taught yoga to german students, backpacked through Morocco & Portugal solo, started a blog and fell in love. After that amazing year I didn’t see myself going back. I sold everything I had in Canada and moved to Germany to follow my dreams. 

That leap of confidence brought me so much more than I could have ever wished for, singing at festivals, modelling for german commercials, releasing a music album, hosting international yoga retreats, launching powerful online courses, coaching dozens of women and establishing an online brand & business from scratch, let alone doing it in a foreign country!

Fast forward 3 years later…

I built a life I am madly in love with using all my creative outlets and trusting my intuition! Ultimate freedom!

The best part is that my unusual background in theater, communication, dance, makeup artistry & sales, are all helping me be a better entrepreneur and coach every single day. SO TRUST YOUR PATH because even though not everything makes sense right now, it will.


The universe has magical ways!

9 Fun facts about me that you might not know yet

I believe in the magic of the universe, kindness & manifesting.


I live a mindful yogi life with my favourite person @suityogi in our plant-filled 33m² studio.


I am a total vegan foodie and I drink way too many oat milk lattes.


I am a libra and I love my new moon & full moon rituals.


I am a tree hugger, barefoot walker and I wear flowy dresses almost every day.


I backpacked solo through Portugal and Morocco for 6 weeks during my exchange year in Germany.


I sing all day, being on stage feels like home and I have an indie music EP “We better enjoy now”.


Romantic comedies and sitcoms are my go-to! (currently watching The Bold Type, you?)


If my brand was a song, it would be ‘’Unwritten’’ by Natasha Bedingfield.


“It all starts with a leap,

It all starts with a spark of inspiration,

It all starts with a drop of courage and a little bit of magic,

It all starts this morning.

Yoga as a way of life

since 2012


That first downward facing dog was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. But it came with an inner knowing that this was it and I had to be persistent. So I started going once a week. A few months later, I arrived in a new city and fell in LOVE with power yoga. What started as a happy accident at my local gym slowly became an obsession in that new studio (I was going twice a day!), which led me to do my vinyasa flow yoga teacher training in 2015.

Since then, I’ve taught students from Canada, to Germany, to Portugal. And I hosted international yoga retreats in Greece, Nicaragua and soon Montenegro with my life partner Georgios.

More than a wonderful practice, mindfulness, meditation and yoga led me to be kinder, more conscious and more present in each and every moment that unfolds in my life.

Most importantly, it allowed me to infuse light, magic & authenticity in how I show- up on social media and how I teach business, marketing & sales to my clients all around the world!

“My mind that used to be a chaotic mess and thoughts whirlwind is now a flowering garden that I cultivate one seed at a time.”

My clients are…


Entrepreneurial women ready to put in the work to achieve their big dreams.


Dedicated to their personal & business development.


Pretty aware that mercury retrograde is a thing.


Incredibly creative women ready to be paid more to do what they love.


Gifted with an innate ability to wing it and make magic happen.


Ambitious & excited for more impact, success and freedom.


Hidden gems that have yet to tap into their full potential.

… Ready to create a life and brand they are madly in love with, turn their big dreams into profit and have the confidence to do it all by bringing in strategy, clarity and alignment.

Today is where your new chapter begins!


“She’s not only an incredible human being, she is funny, she is sweet and she is supportive.

Everytime that you have a session with her you feel like you’re chatting with one of your best friends, but she is also an incredible business coach. She knows what she is doing, she is going to push you and she has this  amazing ability to find out what is blocking you from achieving your goals and realizing your vision. She is so supportive and sweet and I couldn’t recommend her enough.”


– Francesca Minotti

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach on a mission to help
women find what makes them GLOW

Let’s make magic happen!

I promise you that you can be both successful & enjoy a conscious lifestyle filled with slow mornings. You can be both creative and a thriving entrepreneur. You can be both inspired to work together, but unsure where to start!

Schedule a 15 minutes chat if you want to discuss how I could help you achieve your dreams with my programs, retreats or coaching.


Prepare your latte! We’ll make magic happen!

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