Wake up aligned

Take your business to the next level

and create success on YOUR own terms with immense clarity, strategy and alignment.

A program for ambitious women ready to step up their online brand, turn their dreams into profit and have the confidence to do it all.
Imagine knowing that you just went for it! You stopped being afraid of your own potential, started believing in yourself and used all of your creative outlets to build a brand and life you are madly in love with!

Sipping your coffee in your plant-filled beach house with the love of your life, you smile because you can’t believe you actually made your BOLD dreams happen. You can’t believe this is your life!

Your brand is shining on social media, your business feels abundant, you have immense impact and you are HAPPYAnd after enjoying your non-negotiable morning routine, you realize that you just got another amazing news that you share right away!

Ready for that magic?

Keep reading!


Becoming my 1:1 client for Wake Up Aligned is where the magic starts! You don’t have to build your empire alone, let me bridge the gap.

Week by week, you will access all the strategy and savvy tools you need to position yourself as a leader and establish a powerful online presence and personal brand, without falling into comparison, doubts or hustle overwhelm.

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, founder, stylist, mentor or all around creative woman, you deserve to have influence and thrive both spiritually and financially!

I’m here to help you at every step of the way.

You will soon find yourself…


Having a clear vision & choosing opportunities and people that are aligned.


Experiencing powerful mindset shifts that will take you to the next level & rewrite your money story.


Pricing yourself in a way that feels abundant and crafting incredible offers with your services.


Delegating, delegating, delegating (with ease & confidence).


Leveraging instagram for business and saying it’s your favourite marketing tool!


Marketing & pitching yourself like a goddess (hello selling with ease in the DM’s).


Showing-up in your business feeling organized, strategic & unapologetic.


And most importantly, finally do more of what you love and light you up every single morning.

“This week’s call was AMAZING! I couldn’t stop thinking about what this all means for me to step into my full unique self.”

– Prasha Dutra, Podcaster over at Her Stem Story & Mentor

Hello gorgeous!

My name is Marjolaine,

I am a business coach, yoga teacher & artist obsessed with helping extraordinary women make their creative dreams come true!

My clients have landed HUGE contracts with known brands, generated thousands of dollars working with their dream clients & started showing up on social media unapologetically!

All of this by acknowledging how AMAZING they truly are and aligning both their mindset and actions for success.

When I say yes to working with you, I hold you accountable, strategically pitch in your creative ideas & guide you to stay aligned so that you never stay stuck or sabotage your success.

I have your back, I believe in you and I SEE YOU. From today onwards, you are not alone in this.


“She knows what she is doing, she is going to push you and she has this amazing ability to find out what is blocking you from achieving your goals and realizing your vision.

Marjolaine really helped me gain clarity and find my path and what was my vision for my business. She’s not only an incredible human being, she is funny, she is sweet and she is supportive. Everytime that you have a session with her you feel like you’re chatting with one of your best friends, but she is also an incredible business coach.”


– Francesca Minnoti

Integrative nutrition health coach & wellness advocate

See, you are probably one of those hidden gems!

But just to make sure, let’s see if this sounds familiar…


You are passionate, creative and seriously amazing at what you do but unknowingly play small, undercharge and overwork…


You have millions of creative ideas every day, which makes it even harder for you to break it down, bring clarity and take aligned actions towards a focused path…


You want it all, but don’t know where to start to bridge the gap between your current situation and the level of success you truly want… When is enough?


You dream of more impact as you wonder about your online presence, growth, pricing, structure and “ahhhhhh where does it stop?! There is so much I want to do!”…

The lack of clarity and constant hustle can be so frustrating!

Listen, I know you’ve already got such a great business going on and you should be proud! But doesn’t it sometimes feel like it was just a happy mix of winging it & abundant flow? Not that you didn’t work for it (oh I know you did!), but aren’t you tired of feeling this constant pressure inside, when all looks good on the outside? Aren’t you tired of getting caught up in your own head and freezing when comes the time to have a clear vision, execute your ideas and be accountable?


Drop the pressure love, you are amazing and I’ve got you!

Today, I am dedicated to helping you see your potential, stop playing small and elevate your business to the next level. All so that you can have the IMPACT, FREEDOM & SUCCESS you truly desire and be a thriving creative entrepreneur. Trust me, you can be both successful & enjoy a conscious lifestyle filled with slow mornings, spontaneous travels & never ending brunch. You can feel both strategic & abundant at the same time and you deserve to live a life you are madly in love with now.

Meet some of my clients


Coco Peri      Stop Motion Artist & Speaker


Working towards her mission with alignment

I started working with Marjolaine because my business had been running for about 2 years but I was just working day to day without a bigger plan. She really helped me figure out what I want and what the steps are to take in order to get there. Whether I am preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement or nervous about a big shoot, she’s right there in my phone giving me the words I need to hear to feel confident and capable and prepared. I now have a mission that I wake up everyday to work towards and I just feel more aligned and like I know myself better.

Corrie Jones

Corrie Jones      Founder of Untapped Digital


Owning her power & changing the narrative

Before I started working with Marjolaine, I kept saying to people: “I’m a social media freelancer”. Even though I was operating at an agency level, I had not acknowledged it yet to myself or to others. I would completely recommend working with Marjolaine if you want to get to the next level or you just want an external voice that helps you, guides you and calls you out on odd mindsets. The sessions are always helpful, there’s always good homework and it’s useful to have someone keeping you on track and accountable.

Lucie Fink

Lucie Fink        Video producer & lifestyle host


Running a business mindfully

She’s a pusher, she pushes you really hard, she makes you do homework, she makes you really focus, but at the end of the day, I think it took about one month and I had made over 1000$ with my first coaching client and it was all thanks to  Marjolaine and all of the help and guidance that she gave me throughout the process. From then on out, I’ve just been working with her once a week on everything from work and personal life, to becoming a morning person and meditating.

Emily Kersey

Emily Kersey        Broadway Dancer & Mentor


Building her dream business

I love working with Marjolaine. She is a great listener and really wants you to develop the dream vision for your life. And then you go to work on achieving that dream vision. So setting goals, and she holds you accountable to those goals and she’s got some great tips and tools and tricks to staying on track and staying inspired. I can’t say enough great things about Marjolaine. You should go work with her right now!


Francesca Minotti       Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Strategizing her dreams

Marjolaine really helped me gain clarity and find my path and what was my vision for my business. She’s not only an incredible human being, she is funny, she is sweet and she is supportive. Everytime that you have a session with her you feel like you’re chatting with one of your best friends, but she is also an incredible business coach. She knows what she is doing, she is going to push you and she has this amazing ability to find out what is blocking you from achieving your goals and realizing your vision.

Dayhanna Acosta

Dayhanna Acosta      Marketing Strategist & Speaker


What changed for you since starting the coaching?

You know they say coaches need coaching too and I think that statement is so true. Marjolaine really helped me bring clarity and figure out what it is that I was struggling with most, but most importantly, she gave me an action plan to follow and something that I could begin implementing right away to start seeing changes. So if you are considering working with Marjolaine, I highly recommend it. I think she would really help you get to the next level and transform yourself, so definitely go work with her!

Flor Palarino

Flor Palarino       Speaker & Entrepreneur


Believing in herself and taking action

Marjolaine is the best person I could have ever found! She pushes me in many ways to cross my limits and I follow her and I am actually super happy with every step that I did. Even now it’s been three months of changes and many things, I still feel like I need to do some things that are uncomfortable. I trust her and I know that it will be good and I super recommend her!

Alex Prestal

Alex Prestel      Creative Director &
Graphic Designer


What did you achieve since starting coaching?

Marjolaine has offered me so much guidance during a pivotal point in my career path. She is there for support, she’s got your back! For confidence, she’ll help you realize your dreams CAN be reality and inspire you to put your best foot forward each day. And for accountability, as hard as it is to keep yourself accountable for dreams when life is always coming at you, she keeps you on track and on the hook for each of your tasks or homework each week.

Ready to make magic happen?

Find the details below!

Step 1

Elevate your vision

Where do you see yourself when you have it all? Let’s create a clear vision for your business and establish clear milestones. Guiding you through assignments & just the right amount of support & intuitive guidance, I will keep you on track as we uncover and design your dream lifestyle. I know that you’ve been playing small for far too long. It’s time to shine now!!

Step 2

Align your mindset for success

Let us figure out your old thought patterns and limiting beliefs, so that you learn how to let them go and reprogram your subconscious mind. You will soon embody your higher self as
we use a lot of tools from introspection, yoga and mindfulness during our sessions. Most mornings, we will do powerful guided visualizations together or small meditations to get you in the right headspace.

Step 3

Strategize your dreams

You are in for a fast paced and fun hour, as we bounce creative ideas together each session so that you can start making moves and see progress. Supporting you in success and failures along the way to achieving your goals, I will make sure you know exactly what to do at each step of the way.

Step 4

Wake up the leader in you

You are in for the long ride babe and I want you to build a solid brand that will grow with you. You will soon sell your services with ease, know how to price yourself with confidence and impact people whilst you are SEEN, HEARD and LOVED by your community.

What is included

6 month high level coaching

Weekly sessions

The weekly 60 minutes sessions are when the magic happens! We will dive into strategy, mindset and restructure your creative dreams for profit!

My eyes on your business

After each call, I will forward you a powerful recap will all you need to stay on top of your creative dreams! We will also have a shared folder so that you can get my review on anything you work on!

Dreamy retreats

Can’t wait to give you a hug and see you in person during the most magical Women Entrepreneur’s Gateway in dreamy locations. You will get a 15% discount and a personalized invitation.

Support via Voxer

My all time clients FAVOURITE! Imagine having your biz coach available for anything that’s on your mind? Helping you close sales, strategize & stand out on social media, you will stay on track of your tasks for accelerated results in between calls and receive feedback as you go!

Signature tools

You will get access to extra ebooks & journaling exercise sheets in between our calls for you to bring your vision to life, uncover limiting belief and structure your marketing strategies! I make sure that you get everything you need at each step of the way!

“Can’t wait to be your coach and make magic happen!”

do you want to

Wake up Aligned?


“I can’t even put into words how much Marjolaine changed my outlook on how I view myself as a business woman.

In just our first hour together she gave me real, tangible advice on how I can improve my pitch to clients, hone my offerings as an entrepreneur, and even build more confidence. I’m excited to put her advice into action and I know that with the tools she’s given me I can grow my business in a way that fulfills me.”


– Jordan Davida Drankoski

Healthy Living Blogger & Founder of Dancing for Donuts